To run or not to run, maybe? #bidenwatch now Twitter’s favorite game

October 19, 2015


Little seemed to have changed over the weekend before Monday brought with it a batch of reports declaring Joe Biden would almost definitely make an announcement about the 2016 presidential race. The good people of the internet were, of course, happy to spend the day fanning the flames of cable news speculation with various guesses and observations about the possible Biden bid.

Following intial reports, Media went abuzz with conjecture about the potential timing, message and location of a Biden 2016 decision.

Fox News’ Ed Henry claimed he had three sources “close to @VP telling me he’s expected to announce he is running.” Those same three sources, Henry said, had the @vp telling supporters in calls planning to jump in race but not rushing” and that we should all watch Saturday’s Jefferson Jackson dinner in Iowa, indicating that Henry expected the announcement could come on Saturday night at one of the main events for Democrats of the Iowa caucus season.

But as time passed, and the certainty of an announcement was revealed to be no clearer than it had been in the months prior, Twitter users, including many of the country’s most well known political commentators, took to using hashtags such as #bidenwatch to have some fun about the non announcement. 

Here are some of our favorites:





Other social media apps got in on the fun, too. Snapchat, a popular photo sharing app service, added a Biden Geofilter asking users to weigh in on whether the vice president should enter the race.

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