Anti-Trumpers pay to protest

December 11, 2015

Sometimes protesting requires a little espionage.

A handful of activists bought tickets to a Republican fundraiser on Friday featuring a keynote address by Donald Trump, spending $1,000 to secure seats in the ritzy Plaza Hotel in midtown Manhattan.

After spending cocktail hour pretending to be well-heeled Republicans, they waited for Trump to begin speaking and then launched a series of disruptions, including opening a door to let fellow protesters into the closed room.

Protesters at the Trump event in Manhattan. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

The first wave unfurled a banner that read “Islamophobia + Arabophobia are violence” and began singing, before they were physically removed. In one instance, captured on video by Politico, a woman was pushed to the ground in the lobby.

Security personnel remove protesters from the Trump gathering. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Jamila Hammami, who stayed in a $1,076-a-night hotel room on Thursday with other protesters just to ensure they would be allowed inside of the hotel, said she was shoved, kicked and grabbed by guards.

Trump’s campaign did not immediately address the video or allegations of excessive force. A spokeswoman for the Plaza Hotel also did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The real estate magnate and reality television star caused an international uproar this week when he called for a ban on Muslim visitors entering the United States, in response to last week’s shooting in California that killed 14 people.

Two women, 69-year-old Martha Ackelsberg and 68-year-old Judith Plaskow, interrupted the lunch by reciting aloud a version of Martin Niemoller’s famous poem about the Nazis, (“first they came for the Socialists…“) in which he warns of the dangers of allowing any minority to be persecuted.

The women bought tickets for the event and said they made sure to eat their chocolate cake first in case they were removed.

“We knew we wouldn’t be there for dessert,” Ackelsberg said.


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“said she was shoved, kicked and grabbed by guards”

a) not by enough.
b) thanks for the 1000
c) just when i begin to doubt trump, you ppl remind me why we “ABSOLUTELY” need him. Humanity and basic decency needs Trump

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