Bush says Clinton would beat Trump like a drum

January 8, 2016

PETERBOROUGH, New Hampshire – Jeb Bush is now taking every opportunity to he can to attack Donald Trump as a looming disaster for the Republican Party, and he seems to be immensely enjoying himself.

The latest examples came on Thursday night at a town hall meeting in Peterborough when Bush went after Trump on at least three separate occasions, culminating with a warning to New Hampshire to resist the temptation to support him because he’ll lose in the end.

“Donald Trump is a showman, he’s a phenomenal guy, he blocks out the sun effectively. He says outrageous things and the press, it’s like a moth to light…He is playing them like a find Stradivarius and it consumes all the news,” he said. He said it is time for the Republican race for the 2016 presidential nomination to take a turn for the serious.

We have to get there pretty soon. Because if Donald Trump wins the nomination, and he might, Hillary Clinton will beat him like a drum. Just tear him up. It’ll be ugly to watch,” Bush said.

Bush has been the most vocal Republican candidate against Trump after the New York billionaire badly damaged the former Florida governor months ago by declaring him “low-energy.” Trump is still repeatedly dismissive of Bush, comparing his own front-running poll numbers to Bush’s struggle to break out of single digits in many polls.

So far Bush’s strategy hasn’t paid off, but he has another chance next week at the next Republican debate in Charleston, South Carolina.

Bush, in Peterborough, listed a series of charges against Trump, such as his past donations to the Clinton Foundation.

“Can you trust him to be a conservative? I don’t think so,” he told about 350 people in Peterborough.

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush greets an audience member before speaking at the New Hampshire Forum on Addiction and Heroin Epidemic in Hooksett, New Hampshire, January 5, 2016. REUTERS/Brian Snyder



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Bush needs to drop out already. He should stop bashing other GOP frontrunners.

Posted by Dragos111 | Report as abusive

The incredible shrinking Jeb is a busted flush, at estimates of 3% support his campaign is clearly dead despite vast publicity both provided by himself and his opponents attacks. He has had his moment in the sun, the people have heard his policies and clearly rejected them.

Tenacity is to be admired, but so is judgement, he will just become a slapstick comedy figure for Trump and others to amuse crowds with if he is still “in the running” after the first few states confirm the poll estimates.

Posted by Murfalad | Report as abusive

Trump at least is not bought out by donors. Maybe he can make a decision without bowing to the money men. Jeb can’t.

Posted by cheeze | Report as abusive