Trump defends his potty mouth as ‘a little fun’

February 9, 2016

At Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s Monday night rally at Verizon Wireless Area in Manchester, New Hampshire, one off-color remark lit Twitter ablaze and sent his supporters into cackles.

It was perhaps the type of comment one may only hear at a Trump event.

As the real estate mogul mentioned his main opponent Ted Cruz, a woman in the crowd yelled out something the rest of the arena couldn’t quite hear. Trump cleared it up for the crowd.

“She said he’s a pussy,” Trump said.

The crowd erupted into laughter and a chant of “Trump! Trump!”

“What kind of people do I have here?” Trump asked sarcastically.

“You’ve been reprimanded,” he joked, clearly unfazed by the woman’s words, and even less fazed repeating them to a room of voters. “That’s for the media. You’ve been reprimanded.”

It was a raucous crowd from the beginning of the event, with Trump arriving about 40 minutes late due to blizzard conditions in Manchester. While supporters waited for him to take the stage, an announcer asked the crowd “not to harm” protesters, but to alert law enforcement of their presence by chanting “Trump! Trump!”

The crowd did just that on at least two occasions when protesters were escorted out by security after making a commotion as Trump spoke.

Eric Jackman, a Donald Trump impersonator from New Hampshire attends the Monday night Trump rally at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester. Picture by Cassandra Garrison.

There were also at least two Trump impersonators in the crowd, attracting attention with wigs resembling Trump’s famous blonde hair.

“I will say, if he gets in there, I’ve got four years of paid gigs and that would be great for my bank account,” said Eric Jackman, 29.

Jackman says he’s been doing Trump impressions for the last ten years, but he “just became crazy enough to dress like him last week.”

Trump later defended his use of a vulgarity, saying that “it was like a retweet.”

“We were having a lot of fun,” the candidate said on Fox News.“It wasn’t overly bad. And I have to tell you the woman shouted and shouted and I said okay I’m gonna do it – it was like a retweet, so I would never say a word like that, so I just gave it to the [audience].”

“By the way, can I tell you what? The audience went crazy, standing ovation. 5,000 people went nuts – they loved it. And you know we were having fun and that’s what I mean about being politically correct, every once in a while you can have a little fun, don’t you think?”

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated to include Trump’s response to Fox News. Additional reporting by Doina Chiacu.


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