There are some things Donald Trump just won’t do for votes

April 5, 2016

Donald Trump signs autographs in Waukesha, Wisconsin, April 5, 2016. REUTERS/Steve Holland

WAUWATOSA, Wisconsin — Donald Trump is known for his quick decision-making skills. And they were in evidence on Tuesday when someone at a diner tried to persuade him to try on one of the state’s signature “cheesehead” hats, a bright orange foam item shaped like a wedge of Wisconsin cheddar.

Trump — he of the magnificent pompadour — abruptly rejected the offer, even if it might have helped him gain votes in Wisconsin’s Republican primary, which rival Ted Cruz was expected to win.

“I’ve seen too much of Michael Dukakis,” he said, mindful of the goofy appearance the 1988 Democratic nominee made when he wore a military helmet and rode around in a tank.

Trump stopped at a George Webb diner in Wauwatosa for a “Fox and Friends” interview. Diners around him pondered their eggs and bacon as he spoke. Sitting on a restaurant stool, Trump kept squinting in the glare of a TV light that was too bright.

“This is the worst light ever,” he decreed.

Talking to reporters, he waved away polls showing he was behind Cruz in Wisconsin. “I was not expected to win in South Carolina,” he said of the Feb. 20 South Carolina primary, which he won.

While the camera light in the diner may have been the worst ever, Trump voiced approval of the end of the college championship basketball game on Monday night. Villanova defeated North Carolina 77-74 on a last-second shot.

“I thought it was incredible,” he said. “I guess it goes down as one of the greatest games ever in the NCAA.”

After shaking every hand in the restaurant, Trump was back in his black motorcade vehicle and riding to Waukesha, Wisconsin. He stopped at a polling station to shake more hands, then flew home to New York to await the results of Wisconsin.

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