Belatedly, what Sanders’ supporters say about race

July 1, 2016

Don’t forget Bernie Sanders!

We learned that the hard way this week after publishing our biggest polling project of the year (so far) on racial attitudes among Americans. The poll, which ran over three months and included interviews with more than 16,000 people, found that Donald Trump supporters were more likely to describe blacks negatively, relative to whites, when compared with people who backed fellow Republicans Ted Cruz and John Kasich or Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

We polled Sanders supporters too, but didn’t include them in our final report for various reasons.

On the Democratic side, Clinton already has enough delegates to clinch the nomination at the party’s convention later this month, making poll data from Sanders supporters seem less relevant for the upcoming campaign.

It’s true that Trump also has enough delegates to secure the Republican nomination, but we included the Cruz and Kasich supporters because they showed that those racial attitudes among Trump supporters were significantly more negative than those among other Republicans. (Almost 50 percent of Trump supporters, for example, viewed blacks as more “violent” than whites. About 31 percent of Kasich and Clinton supporters said the same. )

The difference was slight between Clinton and Sanders, but it also was sometimes between Cruz and Trump. We mostly excluded the Sanders data for space reasons. We really should have kept it in.

Below, you’ll find an updated graphic that shows how Sanders supporters compare with the other candidates. You’ll see that there was a difference between Clinton and Sanders’ supporters, with the pro-Sanders camp expressing fewer negative views on race than those backing Clinton.
















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