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Bernie’s brother captures social media in tearful tribute http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/2016/07/26/bernies-brother-captures-social-media-in-tearful-tribute/ http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/2016/07/26/bernies-brother-captures-social-media-in-tearful-tribute/#comments Tue, 26 Jul 2016 23:26:22 +0000 http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/?p=47988 sanders

PHILADELPHIA – It’s a tearful night for some Bernie Sanders supporters at this year’s Democratic National Convention, as delegates from all 57 U.S. states and territories cast their votes, handing Secretary Hillary Clinton the Democratic presidential nomination.

But one tearful moment stood out among the rest for Sanders enthusiasts.

Larry Sanders, Bernie’s brother, cast his vote at Wells Fargo Arena as a delegate for Democrats Abroad (Larry lives in Great Britain). Offering a heartfelt tribute to his parents and his brother’s political campaign, Larry became emotional as he cast his vote.

“They did not have easy lives,” Larry Sanders said of their parents. “And they died young, but they would be immensely proud of their son and his accomplishments.”

The Vermont senator’s reaction was captured on television:

The footage quickly gained traction on social media:

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It wasn’t the year of Big Money after all http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/2016/07/22/it-wasnt-the-year-of-big-money-after-all/ http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/2016/07/22/it-wasnt-the-year-of-big-money-after-all/#comments Fri, 22 Jul 2016 22:26:42 +0000 http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/?p=47976  

Donald Trump (R) criticizes rival Jeb Bush in a Republican primary debate in Manchester, New Hampshire, February 6, 2016. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Billionaire supporters of Republican presidential hopefuls Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush donated record sums to the candidates and the SuperPACs that backed them. None of it was enough to help the two candidates beat Donald Trump in the race for the GOP nomination.

Reuters’ Michelle Conlin takes an incisive look at how and why the mega-donors had so little impact on Campaign 2016..

“Trump’s approach was unlike anything in the modern campaign playbook,” she explains in her analysis Dumb Money. “Pledging to self-fund his run, he adopted the persona of the outsider, blue-collar billionaire clad in custom suits and chowing down on McDonald’s. During the primaries, he employed virtually no pollsters or strategists, flying around the country in his gold-embossed Boeing-turned-headquarters to attend rallies—then flying home each night to sleep in his own bed.

“Trump wasn’t the only one giving big donors the finger,” she adds. “Just as the real estate tycoon startled his rivals with his unexpected wins, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders rattled Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton with his come-from-the-basement success, fueled by small donors who sent in an average of $27 each to his campaign.”

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On-scene at the Republican Convention http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/2016/07/21/on-scene-at-the-republican-convention/ http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/2016/07/21/on-scene-at-the-republican-convention/#comments Fri, 22 Jul 2016 02:53:19 +0000 http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/?p=47967

Donald Trump formally accepts his party’s presidential nomination during the final session of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. July 21, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Segar

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The gender war of 2016 http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/2016/07/20/the-gender-war-of-2016/ http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/2016/07/20/the-gender-war-of-2016/#comments Thu, 21 Jul 2016 02:49:38 +0000 http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/?p=47958 A voter fills out her ballot to vote in the Super Tuesday election at Sleepy Hollow Elementary School in Falls Church, Virginia March 1, 2016. REUTERS/KEVIN LAMARQUE

A voter fills out her ballot to vote in the Super Tuesday election at Sleepy Hollow Elementary School in Falls Church, Virginia March 1, 2016. REUTERS/KEVIN LAMARQUE

The 2016 election battle has turned into an epic gender war, writes Alexis Gelber in “The Gender War Gets (Even) Uglier.”

Gelber notes that the targets included two presidential candidates, Clinton and Carly Fiorina; a Republican candidate’s wife, Heidi Cruz; a once-sacrosanct Fox News anchor, Megyn Kelly; and millennial women. (Clinton surrogates Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem rebuked young women voters supporting Bernie Sanders; Steinem later apologized.) As the race went on, Clinton supporters faced obscenity-filled attacks from fans of the U.S. senator from Vermont; as they left an event in East L.A. “Bernie bros” issued death threats to Nevada Democratic Chairwoman Roberta Lange over a delegate dispute.

Gelber’s full essay is published in “The American Voter,” Reuters’ special election issue; download the app from iTunes or Google Play.

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Harold Evans: ‘Experience is the new dirty word’ http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/2016/07/18/harold-evans-experience-is-the-new-dirty-word/ http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/2016/07/18/harold-evans-experience-is-the-new-dirty-word/#comments Mon, 18 Jul 2016 23:26:26 +0000 http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/?p=47937

The candidates’ goal: the White House. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

“Donald Trump was a joke until he wasn’t,” writes Harold Evans in “The Presidency as Fantasy,”  his commentary on the 2016 presidential campaign. As the Republican National Convention begins in Cleveland, Evans considers a race in which fiction has been treated as fact, insults are compliments and conventional wisdom has been proven wrong again and again.

Read Evans’ full essay, excerpted from “The American Voter,” Reuters’ special election issue or download the app from iTunes or Google Play.

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The conventions’ biggest losers http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/2016/07/18/the-conventions-biggest-losers/ http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/2016/07/18/the-conventions-biggest-losers/#comments Mon, 18 Jul 2016 23:22:22 +0000 http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/?p=47940  

Delegates take the state signs as souvenirs at the conclusion of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida August 30, 2012. It could be different this time around. REUTERS/JOE SKIPPER

In this fractured social media age, with distrust of all establishment institutions at a historical apex, global instability bleeding into the national consciousness, and the economic recovery little more than a myth for many Americans, the idea of two hierarchical political parties determining the course of an election seems as outdated as pay phones and smoking on airplanes, writes Ross Barkan.

In his essay “There Goes the Party,”  Barkan looks at how America’s two major political parties could emerge as the biggest losers in what already has been an extraordinary electoral year.

Read Barkan’s full essay, excerpted from “The American Voter,” Reuters’ special election issue, or download the app from iTunes or Google Play.

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Just what is that T doing to that P? http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/2016/07/15/just-what-is-that-t-doing-to-that-p/ http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/2016/07/15/just-what-is-that-t-doing-to-that-p/#comments Fri, 15 Jul 2016 18:25:10 +0000 http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/?p=47924 trumppence.jpg

The new Trump-Pence logo has exploded the Internet with sexual references and bathroom humor. Just after presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump unveiled running mate Mike Pence via his Twitter account, his campaign unveiled a graphic logo with their names and a T intertwined with a P, and much fun was had by all.





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Bernie writes a book http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/2016/07/14/bernie-writes-a-book/ http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/2016/07/14/bernie-writes-a-book/#comments Thu, 14 Jul 2016 16:30:22 +0000 http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/?p=47912
Burying the hatchet: Sanders and Clinton in New Hampshire. July 12, 2016. REUTERS/Mary Schwalm

Burying the hatchet: Sanders and Clinton in New Hampshire. July 12, 2016. REUTERS/Mary Schwalm

By Isma’il Kushkush


The insurrection continues. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont senator who dropped out of the Democratic presidential race this week after his unexpectedly  strong challenge against Hillary Clinton, is writing a book about his experiences in the 2016 campaign.

“Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In,” will be published on Nov. 15, a week after the presidential election, Thomas Dunne Books said in a statement on Thursday. The publisher did not mention the size of the advance to be paid to the self-described socialist.

During the campaign, Sanders stirred voters with his progressive policy ideas and challenged Clinton to move to the left on some issues during the Democratic presidential primary. On Tuesday, Sanders endorsed Clinton as the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee.

The book, according to Thomas Dunne, is set to “share experiences from the campaign trail and outlines his ideas for continuing a political revolution to fight for a progressive economic, environmental, racial and social justice agenda that creates jobs, raises wages, protects the environment and provides healthcare for all.”

Sanders made no immediate comment on the deal.


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Whither Pence? RNC speakers list missing key name http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/2016/07/14/whither-pence-rnc-speakers-list-missing-key-name/ http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/2016/07/14/whither-pence-rnc-speakers-list-missing-key-name/#comments Thu, 14 Jul 2016 14:34:11 +0000 http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/?p=47903 By Reuters Staff

pence.jpgThe list of speakers revealed so far for a Republican National Convention that Donald Trump vowed would be like no other has one notable absence among the New York billionaire’s potential vice presidential picks: Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

Pence and former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich have emerged as the front-runners as Trump prepares to roll out his vice presidential pick at 11 a.m. on Friday.

Gingrich, along with other potential running mates U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, all have speaking spots at the convention, which begins next week in Cleveland, according to a press release from the Republican National Convention issued Thursday morning.

Retired Lt. General Michael Flynn and U.S. Senator Joni Ernst, whose names had also been floated as potential running mates, were also scheduled to speak, according to Jeff Larson, CEO of the convention, who touted the list as “partial.” He said a final list will follow.

The Trump campaign did not immediately comment to Reuters on why Pence was not among the speakers.

While a number of prominent Republicans have opted out of even attending the convention, Trump promised a more lively, interesting gathering than the last one in 2012, which he has called the most boring he had ever seen.

The list of convention speakers released on Thursday includes Trump’s family – daughters Ivanka and Tiffany and wife Melania – golfer Natalie Gulbis and soap opera actress Kimberlin Brown. Trump had promised an entertaining and “spectacular” convention, but there were no megastar names on the list.

Even Sarah Palin, a politician with star power in certain Republican sectors, was not scheduled to speak. Palin, the former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, was an early backer of Trump and campaigned for him during the primary campaign.

Here are all the names released so far:

Pastor Mark Burns
Phil Ruffin
Congressman Ryan Zinke
Pat Smith
Mark Geist
John Tiegen
Congressman Michael McCaul
Sheriff David Clarke
Congressman Sean Duffy
Darryl Glenn
Senator Tom Cotton
Karen Vaughn
Governor Mike Huckabee
Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Melania Trump
Senator Joni Ernst
Kathryn Gates-Skipper
Marcus Luttrell
Dana White
Governor Asa Hutchinson
Attorney General Leslie Rutledge
Michael Mukasey
Andy Wist
Senator Jeff Sessions
Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn
Alex Smith
Speaker Paul Ryan
Congressman Kevin McCarthy
Kerry Woolard .
Senator Shelley Moore Capito
Dr. Ben Carson
Co-Chair Sharon Day
Natalie Gulbis
Kimberlin Brown
Antonio Sabato, Jr.
Peter Thiel
Eileen Collins
Senator Ted Cruz
Newt Gingrich
Michelle Van Etten
Lynne Patton
Eric Trump
Harold Hamm
Congressman Chris Collins
Brock Mealer
Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn
Governor Mary Fallin
Darrell Scott
Lisa Shin
Governor Rick Scott
Chairman Reince Priebus
Tom Barrack
Ivanka Trump
Attorney General Pam Bondi
Jerry Falwell Jr.
Rabbi Haskel Lookstein
Chris Cox
Senator Mitch McConnell
Tiffany Trump
Governor Chris Christie
Donald J. Trump Jr.
Governor Scott Walker

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