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GOP B team hits out at the Fed

November 11, 2015

Republican presidential candidates piled on the Federal Reserve during the so-called “undercard” debate in Milwaukee on Tuesday night, accusing the U.S. central bank of keeping interest rates artificially low to boost the economy and help out the White House.

GOP debate prompts flag burning, costumes and protests

November 11, 2015

  Protesters outside the GOP debate. REUTERS/Brendan O'Brien

Protesters outside the GOP debate. REUTERS/Brendan O’Brien

By Brendan O’Brien

Hundreds of demonstrators on Tuesday welcomed GOP candidates to Milwaukee with a rousing, colorful and at times tense rally calling for a $15 minimum hourly wage, immigration reform and racial equality.

Kasich crumbles in fourth debate

November 11, 2015

Republican U.S. presidential candidates (L-R) Governor John Kasich, former Governor Jeb Bush, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, businessman Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, former HP CEO Carly Fiorina and U.S. Rep. Rand Paul participate in the debate held by Fox Business Network for the top 2016 U.S. Republican presidential candidates in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, November 10, 2015. REUTERS/Darren Hauck

Rubio relishes the Jeb attacks

November 11, 2015

Florida Senator Marco Rubio got such a media bounce for scolding mentor Jeb Bush during October’s CNBC debate that his campaign couldn’t contain itself when it learned that the former Florida governor would escalate his attacks on Rubio.

Christie pulls punches for fellow Republicans, saves ire for Clinton

November 11, 2015

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie may have gotten dinged to the “undercard” debate for the fourth Republican showing, but he came out swinging in the earlier event at main Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

Carson makes ‘exclusive’ jab at media

November 11, 2015

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is having a bit of fun at the media’s expense.

Bush’s baby Hitler comment goes viral on social media

November 10, 2015

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush had people talking on Tuesday, but not in anticipation of his appearance on the fourth televised GOP debate.

Cruz goes for crowdfunding, ‘one small donor at a time’

November 10, 2015

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is methodically building up a state-of-the-art nationwide grassroots network to help lift him over the establishment voting bloc in the GOP presidential primary. While the tools have started small, they are allowing Cruz supporters to reach potential new donors and new voters to build a more loyal base of support than his competitors may have.

Combating climate change a ‘smart economic approach’: Clinton

November 10, 2015

Hillary Clinton on Monday accepted the endorsement of the environmental group the League of Conservation Voters in the 2016 presidential election, emphasizing her plan to fight climate change in the future in a way that supports the U.S. economy.

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Why we love Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson is in the doghouse

November 6, 2015


Daveed Diggs as Thomas Jefferson (L) and Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton (L) debate policy during a cabinet meeting in “Hamilton.” President George Washington (Christopher Jackson) (C) sits behind them. Courtesy of “HAMILTON”/Joan Marcus