Tales from the Trail

‘I never met a pantsuit I didn’t love’

July 20, 2015

Hillary Clinton has held her first Facebook q and a.  It seemed to go well.

Of more than 2,000 questions, the former Secretary of State answered nearly a dozen queries with a promise to defend the Dodd-Frank Act regulating financial reform, a critique on interest rates on student loans and a mention of her love for an Arkansas street.

Clinton talks tax

July 20, 2015

Hillary Clinton has a plan to foster longterm growth by overhauling capital gains taxes and taxing some short-term investments at higher rates.  Details of the plan have yet to be finalized, but her proposal would raise the maximum tax rate on capital gains made on assets held at least a year but no more than perhaps two or three years, currently 23.8 percent, to at least the 28 percent proposed by President Barack Obama.

Sanders hit by #BernieSoBlack meme

July 20, 2015
 Sanders at a rally in Texas. REUTERS/Mike Stone

Sanders at a rally in Texas. REUTERS/Mike Stone

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ visit on Saturday to Netroots Nation, a political convention for American progressives, didn’t go quite as planned.

A week in politics: Following the money

By Arlene Getz
July 17, 2015

Whatever you wanted to know about the candidates’ finances, this was the week for it. White House hopefuls filed thousands of pages with the Federal Election Commission detailing the money behind their campaigns–and providing some interesting tidbits into strategy, spending and personal income.

Solved? The mystery of a Clinton video.

July 16, 2015

Who filmed Hillary Clinton’s campaign launch video?  The candidate’s financial disclosures to the Federal Election Commission may have solved  this odd disagreement between the candidate’s campaign staff and the “everyday Americans” who starred in the video.

Ivanka Trump on women, equal pay and her demanding dad

July 15, 2015

Ivanka Trump is one of her father’s biggest supporters. When she talked to Reuters about women increasingly taking over leadership roles in family businesses, she gushed about Donald Trump’s support for gender diversity in his own workplace at the Trump Organization.

Donald Trump and THAT Nazi picture

July 15, 2015

Republican presidential aspirant Donald Trump is drawing flak yet again. This time, the problem isn’t the candidate’s comments about Mexico, but about a poor photo choice by his campaign.

How the candidates feel about the Iran deal

July 14, 2015

Republican Presidential candidates are throwing jabs at President Obama on Twitter after he landed a nuclear deal with Iran. The president describes the deal as a chance for a new direction in the Middle East – and warns Congress he will veto any legislation that prevents the deal from happening.

Clinton tells Trump ‘enough’

By Arlene Getz
July 13, 2015

By Alex Wilts

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton rebuked real estate mogul Donald Trump on Monday for his inflammatory comments about immigrants living in America.

Here’s your primer on Scott Walker

July 13, 2015


Republican Scott Walker has officially entered the presidential race.

What other factoids would you like to learn about the 15th Republican presidential candidate?