Tales from the Trail

The photo that spawned a meme, and an investigation

June 10, 2016

White House photographer Kevin Lamarque sits down with colleague Jonathan Ernst to discuss his iconic Hillary Clinton image, shot during a trip in Libya in 2011, that spawned the Texts with Hillary meme and prompted questions about her email use, according to Politico.

Clinton vs Trump: The war is on

June 10, 2016

The presidential election battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has barely begun but their Twitter war is already on.

Mr. Sanders goes to the White House

June 9, 2016
Bernie Sanders (R) walks with President Barack Obama to the Oval Office, REUTERS/Gary Cameron

Bernie Sanders (R) walks with President Barack Obama to the Oval Office, REUTERS/Gary Cameron

Morning after Twitter battle: #ThankYouBernie versus #ImWithHer

June 8, 2016

Even in the twilight of his campaign, Bernie Sanders has found a way to impact social media.

Clinton’s wish list: Republicans against Trump

June 8, 2016
Republicans Against Trump

Screenshot from the site https://www.republicansagainsttrump.org/

Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign has set up a wish list of sorts in a new website, republicansagainsttrump.org, inviting members of the opposition party to take a pledge against their unpopular standard bearer, Donald Trump.

Crouching candidates, counting delegates

June 7, 2016

It’s primar(ies) day!

And as voters in six states headed for the polling booths, the politicking took some odd twists and turns.

California goes down to the wire

June 6, 2016

Off the attack: Clinton praises the legacy of President Barack Obama


It used to be the Super Tuesday that didn’t matter–until now.

In past presidential elections, candidates typically locked up their needed delegate counts before voters in states like California could cast their primary ballots. This time, Democrat Hillary Clinton still needs to secure hers after a long and unexpectedly bitter race against rival Bernie Sanders.

Clinton says Trump’s immigration ideas ‘dangerous’

June 5, 2016

No surprise. With just days to go until the California primary, the White House candidates are ramping up the rhetoric.

Trump: ‘Look at my African-American over here’

June 4, 2016

Donald Trump had a message for his supporters at a campaign rally in Redding, California. His support from African-Americans, he said, is “tremendous.”

Clinton mocks Trump as ‘dangerously incoherent’

June 3, 2016

The likely Democratic nominee has unleashed a blistering attack on Republican rival Donald Trump, arguing his campaign antics show he’s unfit for the presidency.