Tales from the Trail

Holbrooke: No “dysfunction” on U.S. Afghan Team

July 1, 2010

¬†Barack Obama’s team running the Afghan war has its issues — but is it dysfunctional? No, sir, according to Richard Holbrooke.

Clinton doesn’t blame Karzai for confusion over U.S. policy

December 3, 2009

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is seen by many as the Obama administration’s “good cop”¬†when it comes to dealing with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, leaving others to point fingers at his government over corruption, election fraud and other issues. AFGHANISTAN-USA/

Obama uses V-word in Afghan speech, and we don’t mean victory

December 2, 2009

President Barack Obama uttered it four times in his speech at West Point about the way forward in Afghanistan.

Obama: Not worrying about perceptions on Afghanistan

November 10, 2009

OBAMA/INTERVIEWAs President Barack Obama nears a decision on whether to send more U.S. troops to Afghanistan, some experts say he should consider the signal his decision will send about his broader commitment to the war, which has grown increasingly unpopular at home.

The First Draft: questions of fraud and hoax

October 16, 2009

If Afghanistan has a runoff election, how does that affect President Barack Obama’s decisions on a new Afghan strategy? Will it speed up his decision-making or hamper it?

Do wars and transparency mix?

October 5, 2009

President Barack Obama says he wants to have the most transparent administration ever.