Tales from the Trail

Think brussels sprouts and cauliflower are agricultural commodities? Think again.

October 19, 2010

While the financial bailouts tossed to automakers, banks and other groups during the recent economic crisis left a funny taste in the mouth of some Americans, one former U.S. regulator hopes efforts to prevent another panic doesn’t go rotten.

from Commodity Corner:

Obamamania missing in farm country

January 14, 2009

obama1Many U.S. farmers don't have confidence in President-elect Barack Obama, with many fearing the new administration will not be receptive to the needs of American farmers and ranchers.

from Commodity Corner:

First in, first out in the USDA hunt

December 10, 2008

One of the great rules of inventory management -- first in, first out -- could apply to the process of deducing who will be agriculture secretary in the Obama administration with a wry renaming. In this iteration, it is "first named, first discarded."