Perhaps it’s no surprise to know that Mitt Romney is a car nut.

After all, Romney grew up in Michigan, where his father, George, once ran American Motors Corporation before becoming the state’s governor and launching his own failed bid for the White House.

Romney talked about his cars at campaign stops in Lancaster and Randolph, New Hampshire – and even offered to buy a classic car.

At Lowe’s, a gas station/convenience store in Randolph, Romney gassed up his tour bus with $69.90 in diesel fuel. In the store, surrounded by photos of famous visitors to the remote North Country location, he joked with one of the owners about how he would like to buy her classic “Nash Metropolitan” car, a photo of which was pinned to the wall.

She shot back in a flash: “$10,000″ – a reminder of Romney’s recent debate flub in Iowa, where he famously offered to wager that amount with Texas governor Rick Perry. The offer, declined by Perry, prompted accusations that Romney is an out-of-touch rich guy with money to burn.

“That’s way too expensive for my taste,” Romney responded in the gas station.