After a laid-back family getaway on Maine’s scenic shoreline, it’s back to political reality for President Barack Obama.

The first family wrapped up a three-day mini-vacation in the upscale Bar Harbor resort and boarded a small presidential jet headed for Washington, where Obama will again face the daily pressures and policy battles. OBAMA/

In the coming week, he will weigh the latest dose of good news together with lingering concerns about the BP oil spill, sign a Wall Street overhaul into law and hold talks with new British Prime Minister David Cameron. Enduring problems like the struggling economy, high unemployment and the war in Afghanistan also remain on his plate.

Obama may have trouble readjusting after an idyllic summer weekend spent hiking, biking and boating with first lady Michelle Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha in and around Mount Desert Island, home to rugged Acadia National Park.

For Obama, it marked a rare family vacation not interrupted by the demands of the presidency. The Obamas’ holiday plans have been overtaken in the past by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, an attempted bombing of a Detroit-bound jetliner and the death of Senator Ted Kennedy.