So is U.S. President Barack Obama a racist? Or is Rupert Murdoch?

Well the Australian media mogul appears to think that the president made a “very racist comment” and agrees that he hates white people.MILKEN/

But that apparently doesn’t make him a racist.

Confused? Me too.

The News Corporation chairman, one of the most controversial figures in the media world, has never minded hitting the headlines in his own right and this week was no exception.

First, in an interview with Sky News in Australia, he chose to back conservative Fox News commentator Glenn Beck.

Remember that back in July, Beck boosted his ratings dramatically when he accused Obama of having “a deep seated hatred for white people and white culture.”

Murdoch’s reaction is worth printing in full:

“He did make a very racist comment about blacks and whites and so on, which he said in his campaign he would be completely above,” Murdoch said of Obama.