Tales from the Trail

What’s a friendly wager between friends, or senators?

trophyWhile Washington deals with freezing temperatures this Sunday, Super Bowl XLIV will kick off in sunny Miami Gardens, Florida, as the New Orleans Saints take on the Indianapolis Colts. But the snow has not dampened football fans’ spirits, and even a few senators are betting on the outcome.

Senators Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Evan Bayh of Indiana announced a friendly wager on Friday, each betting that their team will bring home that coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy.

What’s at stake?

Well, a win for the Saints in their first ever Super Bowl appearance means Bayh will be bringing Landrieu and her constituents Indiana popcorn, a local favorite.

“I’m predicting that the Saints will pull out a 35-31 victory,” Landrieu said. “I’m not really sure what Indiana popcorn is, but I’ve never been more excited to eat it.”

But if the more seasoned Colts, who enter with a 2-1 Super Bowl record, rise to victory, Landrieu will be serving up red beans and rice to Bayh and his constituents.

Obama gambles on reconnecting with voters… others bet on his tie

A lot is riding on President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address Wednesday to a joint session of Congress.

The president is gambling he can reconnect with voters and turn the tide of populist anger that threatens his signature healthcare legislation.

Other folks are betting he’ll wear a red tie.

USA-HEALTHCARE/OBAMAAnd speak between 51 and 53 minutes.

And say the words “healthcare reform” before other well-worn phrases, like “as I stand here today” or “fundamental belief.”