What were the lessons learned for Vice President Joe Biden on dropping the F-bomb on national television?

Number one: microphones are waaaayyyy more sensitive than you realize.

Number two: the boss has a keen sense of humor.

Number three: it’s still embarrassing. USA-HEALTHCARE/OBAMA

Biden amid the giddiness of the passage of healthcare reform in March whispered into President Barack Obama’s ear “this is a big f—ing deal.” It was picked up by the microphone and became an online video sensation.

So when Biden was teased about it on ABC’s “The View,” he looked quite sheepish.

“I was just thankful my mother couldn’t hear it,” Biden said of his late mother. “And it was a little embarrassing.”

Biden had not been oblivious of the microphone, just of its sensitivity: “I realized there was a microphone, but I had no idea it was that sensitive.”