Patrick Fitzgerald take note — when you retry Rod Blagojevich, keep it simple.BLAGOJEVICH-ILLINOIS/

That’s the advice of the foreman of the hung jury that was unable to reach a unanimous verdict on 23 counts in the corruption case against the ousted Illinois governor.

Jury foreman James Matsumoto told NBC’s “Today Show” that prosecutors should re-try the case. Asked what advice he had for U.S. attorney Fitzgerald, Matsumoto said:

“If possible …streamline the case, concentrate on areas where they have more information and not rely so much on witness testimony which was sometimes weak. That’s where we split the most.”

“The major flaw (in the case) was probably the complexity … the amount of information that we had to digest. The length of the judge’s instructions to us,” the foreman said.  He described the 14 days of deliberations as “fairly amicable” though the anger and frustration level rose as time went on and they could not reach agreement.