Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer’s campaign is using a singing frog to chide high-ranking Democratic cabinet officials for criticizing the desert state’s controversial new immigration law without actually reading it.

The campaign to elect Brewer – who stepped up when former Democrat Governor Janet Napolitano became President Barack Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary – uses a Muppet-like hand puppet to deliver a crooned reading lesson.

“Reading is really super swell … Reading helps you know what you’re talking about,” the Kermit-like frog raspingly intones, cut in with clips of senior administration officials including Attorney General Eric Holder and Napolitano admitting that they hadn’t read the law they have spoken out about.

The law requires state and local police to determine the immigration status of people they reasonably suspect to be in the country illegally during a stop, detention or arrest.

Polls show it is backed by a majority of Americans, although opponents say it will lead to racial profiling, and have launched law suits and an economic boycott that could cost Phoenix an estimated $90 million in lost hotel and convention business over the next five years.