A Pro-Newt Super PAC posted an animated version of how a general debate between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee would look.

The video titled “Obama’s Dream Debate” shows a cartoon Obama, voiced remarkably well, not only trouncing Romney in a debate but pointing out just how much the two have in common.

Winning Our Future is the same PAC that made a short campaign film attacking Romney as a “corporate raider” while head of Bain Capital, an ad Gingrich eventually asked to be pulled because of inaccuracies.

Speaking over a peppy jingle, the Obama character talks about their shared views on abortion, gun control and health care.

“Let me be clear, I agree with Governor Romney on many things. For instance, abortion, he was pro-choice most of his adult life. So was I,” Obama says happily. He points out that up until Romney became “presidential candidate Romney” they had always agreed. The animated Romney tries to interject but Obama talks over him.