President Barack Obama, about to mark his one-year anniversary at the White House, has seen his job approval rating drop to 46 percent in a new CBS News poll, the lowest recorded in this particular poll. USA/

CBS said it is domestic issues that are hurting the president. His approval rating on handling the U.S. economy is at 41 percent and his handling of healthcare is at 36 percent. These are all time lows.

The poll comes as Obama seeks to gain congressional passage of a healthcare overhaul in the early weeks of this year.

Obama did a little better in his handling of the war in Afghanistan and the threat of terrorism, with 46 percent approving of him on Afghan policy weeks after he announced a troop surge. And 52 percent approved of how he is handling the threat of terrorism in the wake of the Christmas Day attempted bombing of a Detroit-bound plane.

The Obama White House tends to shrug off poor poll numbers and keeps its focus on the long view.