Former President Bill Clinton, who jokes that a cell phone weighed five pounds when he took office in 1993, told a VeriSign event to mark the 25th anniversary of dot com that he’s a big fan of the Web, cell phones and email, but hasn’t yet sprung for an electronic reader.

CLINTONClinton marveled at how the Web has revolutionized fundraising for his foundation, which tackles a range of global issues from health problems facing the poor to climate change.

“An enormous amount of what we do is either made possible or leveraged because of the Internet,” he said. “I don’t know what I would do without it.”

His favorite web sites are Politico, Huffington Post, Daily Beast and Firedoglake. But the former president said he also reads the right wing to make sure he’s getting the full story.

He watches Fox News Channel: “They say they’re ‘fair and balanced’ but, you know, it’s tongue in cheek.”