Tales from the Trail

I’m not forcing Bill to eat tofu and I don’t want to be VP- Hillary

Is  she forcing her husband to eat tofu? No.

Did Bill cry at the wedding? Not really.

Does she want to be vice president? Absolutely not.

On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton graciously handled softball questions about her husband’s diet and her daughter’s wedding at Fortune magazine’s  “Most Powerful Women” conference — before moving on to quash persistent rumors that she  might be interested in the vice presidential slot in a second-term Obama administration.

Ann Moore, the chairman of Time Inc., launched a Q+A session at the summit of 400 leading women in politics, business and the arts with an assessment of Bill Clinton’s successful drive to slim down ahead of his daughter Chelsea’s wedding in July.

“He looked so trim, and he said that’s because you and Chelsea were forcing him to eat tofu!”  Moore said.

Clinton denied this, but did say that the former president — who has a history of heart problems — had sworn off red meat as part of an effort to get healthy.

“He,  in response to our urging, really embarked on what became a very successful diet but it also was good for his heart,” Clinton said. “There’s so much evidence now that you can lower your cholesterol, you can actually reverse damage to your arteries by eating plant based meals. So he’s been off of red meat,” Clinton said.

Even Obama didn’t make the cut for Chelsea’s wedding

Friends of Bill and Hillary Clinton who didn’t get invited to daughter Chelsea’s wedding now have something to take the sting off.

President Barack Obama didn’t get invited either (and the mother of the bride is a member of his Cabinet).

OBAMA/Barbara Walters asked him bluntly on ABC’s “The View” whether he was invited to the wedding of the year.