In a primary drama that might have been subtitled “two presidents and a party,” incumbent Colorado Senator Michael Bennet won the battle for the state’s Democratic Senate nomination on Tuesday.

Bennet’s win was  a welcome victory for President Barack Obama who backed the incumbent who battled both anti-incumbent fever and a challenger, Andrew Romanoff, who had the endorsement of former President Bill Clinton.

On the Republican side, Tea Party-backed candidate Ken Buckbuck narrowly defeated former Lieutenant Governor Jane Norton. Buck, a former prosecutor, won despite being caught on tape complaining about Tea Party “dumb-asses” who question whether Obama was born in the United States. He will face Bennet in November.

In Connecticut, the anti-establishment outsider candidate Linda McMahon — the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment — beat former Representative Rob Simmons in the race for the Republican Senate nomination.

The Colorado and Connecticut Senate races were the highlight of Tuesday’s primary races. But voters also cast ballots in Georgia and Minnesota to pick candidates for November’s midterm elections.