One more Democrat retiring who won’t run for re-election in November.

FINANCIAL-REGULATION/HOUSE-PASSAGE(It would be tempting to say they’re dropping like flies, but then the Democrats would point out that some Republicans also won’t seeking re-election).

Arkansas Congressman Marion Berry (no, sounds like, but definitely not the former D.C. mayor) was expected to announce his retirement on Monday, The Washington Post’s blogger Chris Cillizza reports.

He would be the second congressman from Arkansas not to seek re-election, with Democrat Vic Snyder also retiring.

Berry, 67, comes from a Republican-friendly district that voted 59 percent for Republican John McCain in the 2008 presidential election.

Of course the timing of Berry’s expected announcement is going to make people wonder. Did it have anything to do with theĀ  Massachusetts Massacre, as Frank Rich called it, last Tuesday when the Republican won the long-held Democratic Senate seat of the late Edward Kennedy?