NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Good or bad, you can’t accuse the John McCain campaign of not having a sense of humor.

rtx9b61.jpgThe Republican presidential candidate’s staff handed out cufflinks — yes, cufflinks — on Tuesday to surprised reporters with an unexpected decoration on top: a mock presidential seal for rival Democrat Barack Obama and the Illinois senator’s web site.

That’s not all. On the back, carefully engraved, were the words “The One.” 

Subtle? Not so much. The Arizona senator’s aides often poke fun at the messianic quality they feel Obama assumes and his supporters accept. Both sides have grown increasingly negative as the campaign enters its last month and McCain finds himself slightly behind in the latest polls.

Obama used a faux presidential seal on a podium at a campaign event earlier this year, drawing some ridicule and criticism for being presumptuous. He never used it again.