A Reuters/Ipsos poll on Colorado races shows a mixed picture for Democrats and Republicans ahead of the November election, reflecting the mountain state’s status as a hard-fought battleground where neither party holds a clear advantage.

Democrat John Hickenlooper has a substantial lead in the Colorado governor’s race in which a third-party candidate is splitting the Republican vote, according to the Reuters/Ipsos poll. USA-POLITICS/

But the Democrat in Colorado’s Senate race, incumbent Michael Bennet, trails Republican challenger Ken Buck 40-49 percent, the poll found.

Former Republican Tom Tancredo, who is running as a candidate for the little-known American Constitution party, appears to be playing the spoiler in the governor’s race by attracting voters who otherwise would support the Republican candidate, Dan Maes, the poll shows.

Some 41 percent of likely Colorado voters said they would vote for Hickenlooper, 33 percent for Maes, and 16 percent supported Tancredo. Without Tancredo, Maes and Hickenlooper would be tied at 45 percent, according to the poll.