OBAMA/Freedom of the Press is all well and good, but don’t expect President Barack Obama to always answer journalists’ questions.

That’s what the president made clear in the Oval Office after he signed the Daniel Pearl Freedom of Press Act — a new piece of legislation named after the Wall Street Journal reporter who was kidnapped and beheaded in 2002. The new law requires the State Department to identify countries and governments that restrict¬†press freedoms.

Seated at his desk surrounded by members of the Pearl family, Obama made a little speech talking about how important journalists were and how vital a free press was to keep the world informed.

In the name of press freedom, one reporter asked if the gathered pool of reporters could ask some questions.

“You are free to ask them,” Obama said.

But when asked if he would actually answer any of the questions the free press asked, Obama said: “We won’t be answering …I’m not doing a press conference today.”