WASHINGTON – When the voting ends in Tuesday’s presidential election, the campaigning will just begin for one and possibly two Senate seats.

That’s because whoever wins the White House, one or two Senate vacancies will be created.

If Democratic Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois is victorious, he will have to vacate his Senate seat, as will his vice presidential running mate Joseph Biden of Delaware. If Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona scores a come-from-behind White House win, he’ll do the same.

Replacements for any of the three men will probably be up to three Democratic governors: Rod Blagojevich in Illinois, Janet Napolitano in Arizona and probably Ruth Ann Minner in Delaware.

Minner leaves office on the day the next president and vice president are to be sworn in, Jan. 20. It’s unclear whether she or her successor would fill a Biden vacancy since it’s not certain when Delaware’s new governor will take office that day.