The U.S. government strongly supports democratic reforms in the Middle East. Just look at its comments on Egypt. But the American public doesn’t appear to be so gung-ho.

OBAMAA Reuters/Ipsos poll out today found that a solid majority, 58 percent, believe the United States should be cautious about backing democracy in the Middle East because elections could lead to anti-American Islamist governments.

The biggest opposition group in Egypt is the banned Muslim Brotherhood and President Barack Obama has acknowledged that the group’s ideology included anti-American strains.

More strains showing in U.S.-Egypt relations as the allies traded barbs. The White House talked about the “lack of steps” taken by the Egyptian government to meet protester concerns. The Egyptian foreign minister told PBS NewsHour that Vice President Joe Biden’s earlier advice was “not at all” helpful.

Other food for thought. Salmon was served at the White House lunch for Obama and House Republican leaders. Wonder if it will come to symbolize swimming upstream when it’s time for budget negotiations.