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NY state a brothel in need of a madame – governor candidate

davisAt their first debate on Monday, candidates for New York governor made the usual use of metaphor and cliche about the state’s economic woes.

But candidate Kristin Davis took it a step further when she compared the state bureaucracy to a badly run brothel, and New York politicians to whores.

And she would know.

Having been convicted for promoting prostitution, Davis, whose campaign logo is a red, white and blue Marijuana leaf, says former governor Eliot Spitzer’s downfall was over an escort in her employ.

Reading from a note pad, Davis first dealt with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), notorious for its bad books: “The key difference between the MTA and my former escort agency is that I operated one set of books and my former agency delivered on time and reliable service.”

“The MTA is a mismanaged patronage pit,” she added.

Later on, she targeted corrupt politicians: “Career politicians in Albany are the biggest whores in this state. I might be the only person sitting on this stage with the right experience to deal with them.”

from Summit Notebook:

Eliot Spitzer loved politics, so will he run again?

This much is clear -- Eliot Spitzer loved politics, he loved being New York governor, he loved being New York attorney general.

So will he run for public office again?

Well here it gets a little bit like watching a tennis ball going back and forth over the net. REGULATION-SUMMIT/

Asked at the Reuters Global Financial Regulation Summit whether he was considering running for office again, Spitzer replied "No."