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Rielle’s reality on the Johnny affair

Her belly button is showing. And that’s not all that’s revealed by Rielle Hunter in a GQ interview.

She’s the other woman who had the child that former presidential candidate John Edwards admitted fathering. That was of course after his former aide, Andrew Young, claimed to be the father to protect Edwards and then wrote a tell-all book about the cover-up. Edwards and his cancer-stricken wife, Elizabeth, have since separated.

The April issue of GQ points out that all those players in the Edwards soap opera have had their public say except for the woman at the center of the storm… until now.

One rumor denied: “I am not engaged.”

Reaction to John and Elizabeth separating: “Shocking.”

She calls Edwards  “Johnny” throughout the lengthy piece and declares: “I love Johnny and I love my daughter more than anything in the world.”

One of the photos decorating the GQ spread is of Hunter in a men’s-style shirt bare-legged on a bed. CNN has raw video of the photo shoot, courtesy of the magazine.

Obama says John Edwards won’t be at Democratic convention

HONOLULU – Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama says his former rival John Edwards, who disclosed on Friday that he  had an extramarital affair in 2006, would likely not be attending the party’s convention later this month.
Edwards, a former vice presidential candidate who bowed out of the raedwards.jpgce for the Democratic presidential nomination earlier this year, was said to be in the running for a high-level position in a potential Obama administration, including attorney general.
Probably not anymore.
The Illinois senator, when asked about Edwards, told reporters in Hawaii he thought the former North Carolina senator and his wife, Elizabeth, had already decided not to attend the Democratic convention in Denver in late August.
“If I’m not mistaken I think that … the Edwards family indicated that they probably wouldn’t be attending the convention,” Obama told reporters. 
Healing,  yes. But Obama no doubt also wants to avoid another distraction at an event that he hopes will emphasize his campaign message of change and party unity.
Edwards endorsed Obama in May while the primary contest against Hillary Clinton was still running. He told television network ABC on Friday that he didn’t think he had a political career in his future. 

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Photo credit: Reuters/Jeff Haynes (John Edwards and Barack Obama at a rally in Grand Rapids,  Michigan,  May 14, 2008)