Stranded in England…

(We could think of worse places to be stuck than the land of fish-and-chips and Shakespeare).

VOLCANO/That’s what happened to 40,000 Americans when their travel was disrupted due to the volcanic ash wafting over Europe from Iceland. But have no fear, the U.S. government is here.

(Not that it’s in any way a relevant comparison, but the number of Americans stranded in Britain is smaller than the Twitter followers of  White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs  who has 55,643 following @PressSec).

“We are working closely with the State Department to examine all the opportunities that we have to speed this process along,” Gibbs said, noting that some people may have gone on vacation, are running out of medicine, and don’t have a place to stay.

The travel disruptions have also affected the U.S. government at the highest levels. President Barack Obama canceled his trip to Poland this weekend (some newspapers noted that he ended up on the golf course instead), and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton canceled a trip to Finland.