The second round of Barack Obama‘s cabinet picks undergo their Capitol Hill hazing today. Who else screwed up on their taxes? Our elected representatives are sure to find out.

USA-OBAMA/ANNOUNCMENTConfirmation hearings today: Tom Vilsack for Agriculture Secretary; Lisa Jackson for the Environmental Protection Agency; Peter Orszag at the Office of Management and Budget; and Erik Shinseki at Veterans Affairs.

Keep an eye on Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley. He’s the one who revealed that Timothy Geithner, who as Treasury Secretary would oversee the IRS, made a hash of his tax returns. Will Grassley make the issue more than simply an embarrassment for the Obama administration’s top money man?

Things are looking better for Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State nominee. Massachusetts Democratic Sen. John Kerry said on NBC’s “Today Show” that he expects his Foreign Relations Committee to approve her tomorrow.

They’re not twiddling their thumbs over in the House of Representatives. Expect votes on expanding children’s health insurance, which Bush has twice vetoed, and tougher oversight for the banking bailout program.