They failed him once, but President Barack Obama is sure Kansas won’t fail him twice in a row in the NCAA Basketball¬† Championship.

In what has become a¬† much-anticipated annual ritual, Obama joined in on the March Madness and filled out his bracket on ESPN’s SportsCenter. He picked Kansas to go all the way, beating Ohio State in the final game.

“I’m giving them a chance at redemption,” Obama told ESPN’s Andy Katz as he stood, pen in hand, in the White House Library to complete his bracket for the men’s championship. “I picked Kansas last year to win it and I got hurt.”

This year, Obama picked all the top seeds to make it to the Final Four – a first for him. But after filling in Kansas, Ohio State, Pittsburgh and Duke in the slots for the semi-final games, he blamed it on the way the brackets came together.

Picking Duke to get to that round was easy. “Last year I did not pick Duke and Coach K gave me a hard time,” Obama said. The Blue Devils went on to win the championship in 2010.