Eric Holder, President Barack Obama’s attorney general, has been castigated by liberals and conservatives for his decisions about prosecuting terrorism suspects in criminal courts, defending a law that effectively bans gay marriages and then dropping it, and efforts to go after fraud in the financial markets that have resulted in few senior corporate executives going to jail.

Despite all of that, he still professes a love for the job at the Justice Department and made it clear to reporters on Tuesday that he has no intention of going anywhere, at the very least until his wife says otherwise.

“I’m happy. I’m content. My wife says that I’ve got some more time and as long as she’s in the same place, I’ll be around,” Holder said during his first pen and pad briefing with reporters in over a year. “I like this job. This is my last swing through this great department and a lot of ways is a bittersweet experience.”

“I started here back in 1976 with little experience and lot more hair, actually a lot more hair, the styles were fundamentally different — and don’t anybody come up with a picture, that would really be unfair,” he said.

We dug up this photo (right) from the Reuters archives from 1997 when he was deputy attorney general. But we’ll leave it to others to find one from the 1970s when he served as an attorney in the public corruption section.