A top Democrat is fed up with House Republican Leader John Boehner citing their work together years ago as an example of Boehner’s commitment to bipartisanship.

Representative George Miller says Boehner — in line to become House speaker if Republicans win the chamber in the Nov. 2 election — is long-time partisan and everyone should know it.

“The fact is, the only bipartisan moment Representative Boehner can point to is working with me nine years ago” on an education bill that Republican President George W. Bush “had made a priority,” Miller said. “Everything since has been partisan opposition to issues of great importance to America’s middle class.” BUSH TAXES

Kevin Smith, a Boehner spokesman, on Friday accused Miller of “revisionist history,” and charged that President Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats have been the ones shutting Republicans out of the legislative process the past two years.

Miller, chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee, issued his statement on Thursday, shortly after Boehner publicly pointed to their joint efforts from 2001 to 2006 while Boehner was chairman of the Education committee and Miller was its top Democrat.