By Samson Reiny

President Barack Obama, whose chances for re-election may rest on his ability to show U.S. voters he is doing all he can to reduce unemployment, offered on Monday to personally pass along the resume of an unemployed engineer to potential employers.

Fielding a question from a woman on a Google+ online chat session who asked why the government continues to grant H1 visas even as her semi conductor engineer husband cannot find a job after three years of searching, Obama said the difficulty was surprising to him because he often hears business leaders in that field talk of a scarcity of skilled workers.

“If you send me your husband’s resume I’d be interested in finding out exactly what’s happening there,” he said, offering to forward the resume “to some of these companies that are telling me they can’t find enough engineers in this field.”

At the end of the nearly hour-long session that had him defending U.S. drone activity in Iraq and explaining how he is helping small businesses, the president also engaged in a little light banter.

When asked to perform a little jig in front of his computer monitor, he demurred. “No dancing,” he said. “Michelle always makes fun of my dancing, and she teases me relentlessly because she’s sure she’s the superior dancer.”