President Barack Obama is giving himself  “a good solid B+” from his job performance thus far and is brushing off polls showing his approval rating has dropped below 50 percent. OBAMA/BANKS

Obama was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey in a show that was broadcast on ABC on Sunday and the queen of daytime TV wanted to know how Obama would grade himself. Obama said he deserved a B+, which in the U.S. education system, is very good but not up to an excellent A.

He said he reached his conclusion because of the many challenges he had tackled and that if he gets a healthcare bill he can say, his grade would inflate to an A-.

“I think that we have inherited the biggest set of challenges of any president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt. We stabilized the economy, prevented the possibility of a Great Depression or a significant financial meltdown.”

“The economy is growing again. We are on our way out of Iraq. I think we’ve got the best possible plan for Afghanistan. We have reset our image around the world. We have achieved an international consensus around the need for Iran and North Korea to disable their nuclear weapons. and I think that we’re going to pass the most significant piece of social legislation since Social Security and that is health insurance for every American,” he said.