Maybe it was just a case of cosmic karma…

USA-CLIMATE/EPAClimate skeptics around Washington wondered whether it was really a coincidence that the EPA announced its long-awaited “endangerment finding” — which clears the way for the agency to regulate greenhouse gases as a harmful pollutant –  on the same day that a big international climate change meeting opened in Copenhagen.

It looked like suspicious timing to some in Congress, and in the media. Why now? Could it be that the Obama team wanted to curry favor with the climate crowd a week before the president heads for the big conference in Denmark? Or was it really just one of those things?

At the daily White House press briefing spokesman Robert Gibbs was peppered with questions about the strangely timely timing of the EPA ruling ahead of President Barack Obama’s trip to the climate conference next week.

Reporter: “So you’re telling us that it was just a coincidence, then, that it happened today…”

Gibbs repeated that the EPA announcement was simply “part of a process that started more than two years ago with a Supreme Court finding that the EPA should regulate greenhouse gases that threaten the public health because it’s a pollutant.”