Tales from the Trail

U.S. lawmakers wonder, where did our love go? with Turkey

July 28, 2010

It almost sounded as if U.S. lawmakers felt jilted by Washington’s long-time NATO ally Turkey.

Obama brings out the “American” in Nobel laureate

April 7, 2009

Nobel peace laureate Martti Ahtisaari is a former Finnish president but, after looking at President Barack Obama’s speech in Turkey, he said: “I nearly felt it’s good to be an American.”

Following McCain’s path, Obama visits rocketed Israeli town

July 23, 2008

SDEROT, Israel – Barack Obama pledged his support for Israel Wednesday while standing in front of a pile of rocket and mortar casings in a town repeatedly attacked by the Palestinian militant group Hamas.rtr20giw.jpg
“I am here to say as an American and as a friend of Israel that we stand with the people of Sderot and all of the people of Israel,” the Democratic U.S. presidential candidate told reporters at the town’s police station.
Sderot has been a popular stop on the U.S. campaign trail this year. Republican presidential contender John McCain visited the town in March — but with a smaller press contingent — and also spoke to reporters in front of the piles of rockets.
“If people were rocketing my state, I think that the citizens from my state would advocate a very vigorous response,” McCain said at the time.

Hamas unendorses Obama after speech to pro-Israel lobby

June 4, 2008

WASHINGTON – Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama may have taken care of his Hamas problem on Wednesday with a speech to the AIPAC pro-Israel lobby.
The Illinois senator was ridiculed, criticized and generally harassed back in April when a top Hamas adviser, Ahmed Yousef, told a radio interviewer that the Palestinian militant group — considered a terrorist organization rtx6iml.jpgby the U.S. government — liked Obama and hoped he would win the U.S. presidential election.