They were fictional, but powerful opponents of the Clinton health plan.  Now they are joining the call for an overhaul this time around. HEALTHCARE/GRASSROOTS

Harry and Louise, the middle-class TV couple that helped kill the 1990s effort, have made a comeback in new commercials. But they’ve changed their tune.

The couple now says “it’s about time” for healthcare reform because more people are finding they can’t afford insurance. “A little more cooperation, a little less politics, and we can get the job done this time,” Louise says in the new ad.

The spot is part of a muti-million dollar campaign sponsored by consumer advocacy group Families USA and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America. Ads will run for at least three weeks, the groups said.

In their previous television life, Harry and Louise engaged in worried conversations about how the Clinton plan would affect them and fretted about its complexity. Insurers opposed to the effort funded that campaign.