Well, she did it.

IRAQ-USA/CONGRESSRepublican Senator Olympia Snowe, a moderate from Maine, jumped off the Republican steamer to vote yes on the Senate Finance Committee’s healthcare reform bill.

In explaining why she was voting against the Republican line, Snowe likened changing the healthcare status quo to “turning the Titanic around” before it hit the iceberg.

She became the first Republican to vote for changing the healthcare system, which has become President Barack Obama’s signature domestic issue.

The committee voted 14-9 for the bill, almost fully on party lines.

Snowe cited hurdles that have in the past sunk healthcare reform attempts and said it was time to change the trend of inaction.

“So is this bill all that I would want? Far from it. Is it all that it can be? No. But when history calls, history calls,” Snowe said.