Tales from the Trail

The First Draft: Congressman Wilson’s big moment

September 10, 2009

USA-HEALTHCARE/OBAMAThe dust is settling — and the political haggling is resuming — after President Barack Obama’s healthcare speech to Congress last night, but the spotlight is still shining, though not very flatteringly, on Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina.

After death, Kennedy’s words still ring in healthcare debate

September 10, 2009

Two weeks after his death, Senator Edward Kennedy’s words on healthcare rang out before a joint session of Congress when President Barack Obama quoted from a letter that he received from the liberal Democrat posthumously. USA-HEALTHCARE/OBAMA

Live blog of the Obama healthcare speech

September 9, 2009


President Barack Obama is making a speech to Congress on healthcare at 8 p.m. tonight and we will live blog it here.

The secret to strong-arming Michelle Obama

September 8, 2009

First lady Michelle Obama should be able to strong-arm just about anyone with those sculpted biceps that have been the talk of the town.

The First Draft: Deja vu for Obama, Congress, healthcare?

September 8, 2009


President Barack Obama heads for Capitol Hill tomorrow to address a joint session of Congress on one of the most pressing issues of the day, healthcare reform. For those with middling-to-long memories of Washington, this may have a familiar ring. Another Democratic president argued for healthcare reform on another September day some 16 years ago, and somehow healthcare remains unreformed.

Obama poll problem persists, Congress too

August 31, 2009

President Barack Obama can’t shake off his public opinion poll problem.

OBAMA/The Rasmussen reports daily presidential tracking poll today shows likely voter approval of presidential performance at 46 percent, the lowest level yet for Obama.

Youngest Kennedys remember Ted Kennedy’s causes

August 29, 2009

In one of the most poignant moments of the funeral service for Ted Kennedy on Saturday,  the youngest members of the Kennedy clan offered up prayers for some of the causes dearest to the late senator’s heart.

from FaithWorld:

Obama accuses some healthcare critics of “bearing false witness”

August 19, 2009

U.S. President Barack Obama enlisted the "Religious Left" on Wednesday to help galvanise public support for his faltering drive for healthcare reform, using the language of faith as he accused some of the critics of his biggest domestic project of "bearing false witness."

Obama gets personal on Palin’s “death panels”

August 16, 2009

OBAMABarack Obama seems to have taken personally Sarah Palin’s accusations that his administration wants to set up “death panels” for the elderly.