hillU.S. Secretary of  State Hillary Clinton caught a rare dinner with her husband Bill in Bogota on Tuesday.

Where did they eat? A local steakhouse. Who paid? Unknown.

The Colombia tete-a-tete marked a rare overseas schedule intersection for the Clintons, who each spend lots of time on the road — he for his foundation, she for the State Department.bill2

Clinton told reporters in Bogota it was a chance to get together and reflect on security advances in Colombia, once a byword for political and drug-related violence.

“We had a wonderful dinner last night in Bogota, among friends, some Colombian  and some American, and we talked about how remarkable it was that such a common event could take place,” she said.

Common in Colombia, perhaps, but not for the globe-trotting Clintons.

The Clintons were in Bogota on separate business. Both had a  meeting with Colombia’s President Alvaro Uribe.