There will be no showdown at the GOP corral. (For now anyway).

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, a Tea Party potentate, decided to step out of the ring . And so evaporated the potential for a high-profile internal duel for House Republican Conference chair, the fourth highest position.

Bachmann in July started the Tea Party Caucus as the conservative movement was gaining momentum ahead of the November elections. Republicans seized control of the House of Representatives in those midterms which also brought wins to Tea Party candidates who will want to flex their muscles in the new Congress. USA-ELECTIONS/

But Bachmann’s decision has staved off what could have been high-level drama when Republicans pick their leaders next week.

(We don’t know yet whether there was any behind-the-scenes gentlepersons agreement as is often the case on Capitol Hill, or whether it was simply a realistic look at her prospects for winning).

In her statement last night, Bachmann said ”Jeb Hensarling  has my enthusiastic support” because the Texas congressman had demonstrated a commitment to limited government, reduced spending, and lower taxes — all positions promoted by the Tea Party movement.