clyburn_stenyU.S. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer will win his bid to remain in party leadership in the soon-to-be Republican-led chamber, a source close to Hoyer said on Sunday.

“We’re going to win,” the source said.

But a spokeswoman for the current House Democratic Whip James Clyburn, who’s trying to fend off a Hoyer challenge, fired back: “We dispute that.” She voiced confidence in Clyburn’s candidacy, saying he has broad support in the Democratic caucus.

With Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi running to be minority leader when the new House convenes in January, Hoyer and Clyburn — her two top lieutenants — are seeking the No. 2 job.

Hoyer and Clyburn are lining up support from fellow House Democrats, who are to votes in leadership elections when Congress returns for a lame-duck session.

Two leadership aides said they did not know who would prevail. But they said they expected the race to be effectively decided within the next 48 hours or so.