fiorina.jpegJohn McCain adviser Carly Fiorina is offering a new defense of the Republican candidate’s ownership of multiple homes , suggesting that it is due to his hard work rather than his wife’s money.

McCain’s wife Cindy is a wealthy heiress and the couple own between eight and 11 properties depending on how they are counted, according to the Talking Points Memo political blog. McCain responded to a question on the subject last week by saying he wasn’t sure how many properties he owned.

Cue criticism from his Democratic rival Barack Obama, who said it showed McCain was out of touch with millions of Americans struggling to pay mortgage costs.
Fiorina told CNN on Monday: “He is a man who has these blessings and these assets because he’s worked hard all his life. That’s part of the American dream.”

She also pointed out that McCain had a plan to address the home mortgage crisis, noted that Cindy McCain’s investment portfolio was managed by others and argued that Obama, who owns a house in Chicago, was in no position to judge when it came to house purchases.

“Obama got the opportunity to buy a house that he couldn’t afford through his associations with a gentleman named Tony Rezko who’s now in jail,” she said. “If we want to talk about houses and who’s out of touch with the American people we ought to be balanced in that.”