Tales from the Trail

Campaign’s over, so start campaigning

November 4, 2010

OBAMA/Finally get some shut-eye after Tuesday’s election? Well, rise and shine. 2012 is just around the corner and the presidential campaign is already getting under way.

Dean, Scarborough claim health insurance stocks hit 52-YEAR high. Really?

December 20, 2009

Numbers can be tricky. And when trying to make political points in Washington, they probably should be checked twice (like Santa’s list of naughty and nice). USA-WEATHER/SNOWSTORM

Paint Texas blue? Kaine won’t guarantee it

January 21, 2009

WASHINGTON – New Democratic Party head Tim Kaine wants to continue to win territory from Republicans, but he’s not ready to guarantee victory in George W. Bush’s home state.

Dean not expected to seek another term as DNC chairman

November 10, 2008

WASHINGTON – Howard Dean seems ready to move on as chairman of the Democratic party after a successful four-year stint that included twice helping his colleagues win Congress and recapture the White House.