Michigan Republican Fred Upton is known as a moderate who disappointed many conservatives by voting with the Democratic majority on some major issues including the taxpayer bailout of U.S. automobile manufacturers.USA/

But expect no more Mr. Nice Guy if Republicans win big on November 2 and he becomes chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Upton has a hit list of White House policy czars he plans to investigate starting with White House energy adviser Carol Browner. 

Upton says he’s in position to be awarded the chair of the powerful Energy and Commerce Committee. His staff circulated an interview with “Politico” in which he states his intention to investigate President Barack Obama’s “poisonous regulations” and the role of policy “czars” in the White House, including Browner.

“If we have the gavel, I can assure you that the oversight subcommittee will be very busy,” Upton said, adding that Browner can expect frequent invitations to testify.